Price : $100 USD

Prototype version : 1.8v

Inside : 1 Blackbox Chip and Battery


This sleek dark chip can be installed in most laptops.

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We know the pain of loosing a LAPTOP…

If you have ever been a victim of laptop theft or loss then you understand pain. Statistically, every 53 second someone undergoes this pain worldwide. This pain has been our drive to develop a smart microchip that helps you track and recover your stolen laptop with over 97% success rate.


Software trackers fail to work since they only work when the laptop is connected to the internet and powered on. Since thieves normally wipe the laptop clean (via formatting), recovery rate drops to almost zero. Mythical ways of recovering laptops such as use of mac address, web cookies, cryptographic keys and passwords are a joke since all these depend on luck that the laptop is not formatted or moved from the local area network.


The best chance you have for recovering your laptop is by having a microchip installed in your laptop that you can use to track it down when its on or off and is not easily removed. The GPS and GPRS location on the blackbox will get you close to at least 5 meters radius of your laptop and deploy other awesome features such as eavesdropping and Wi-Fi scanning to get you right to the spot of where your laptop is helping you uncover even details of the actual identity of the thief.



Protect your laptop before it’s stolen by getting alerts if it’s touched or moved. The Matrix Blackbox comes with

gyro sensors that enable it to detect 3 axis movements

in real-time and texts you if orientation changes on the device. This is useful to alert you if your laptop is moved , touched or is being vandalized.


The feature is activated by sending a text to your Matrix

Blackbox ‘ motion on ’  and deactivated by texting

it ‘ motion off ’.

The Blackbox also sends a report of where the

your latop has been for the last 24 Hours via email.

You can also get all these via the online portal

to track it realtime with other

assets as well as

Motion Sensing - Anti Theft


Text ‘ Find ’ and the blackbox will reply back to you

details of the laptop's coordinates, bearing, speed (if it’s in a moving vehicle) and Google maps link. Additionaly in the event GPS is unavailable it will reply with network based location with accuracy range.

GPS /GPRS Tracking


Use it as a GPS Laptop Tracker and get Location coordinates as

a Google Maps links via SMS for the location of your laptop.


It has has Network Based Location Tracking as a backup, in-case

GPS is inaccurate or has a large margin of error.


Get Speed Info to know if its in a moving target.


It has Motion Sensing to prevent theft on unattended laptops.

eg in-case you leave it somewhere, it will alert you if your laptop is

touched or moved.


No special apps needed. Track Using SMS. It integrates with the

existing text system that comes with every smart phone.


Keep Tracking even when the laptop is switched off.


Voice surveillance system. Listen to conversations on your phone

in real-time to know what the thief is doing or saying.


Active Wi-Fi Tracking System for distance locating on the ground

and have Secure Wi-Fi Internet everywhere you go.


It sends an Email Log of its whereabouts to your personal email

address at the end of the day. (You can also request the log anytime).


And best of all it is integrated with the Online portal for Online

tracking in real-time



Matrix Blackbox


email Log tracking

Laptop Tracker



Motion Sensing

Tracker with backup battery

Wi-Fi tracking system

SMS Based Tracker

Voice surveillance system

No Annual or Monthly Cost For Tracking

Works by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot around the laptop  by texting the blackbox ‘ hotspot on ’ to turn it on and ‘ hotspot off ’ to turn it off. Useful in estimating the distance one is from the laptop and can also be used as an internet hotspot to connect other devices such as tablets and phones  to the Wi-Fi as well.

You can also scan the hotspots around with the Matrix blackbox, by texting it ‘ scan wifi ’ to get all the wi-fi’s names/ SSID's around your laptop.

Hotspot / Wi-Fi Tracking

Wi-Fi Scanning



You can track your Laptop even when its formatted. This is because the tracker is a separate from your laptop operating system and operates independently. It does not interfere with how your laptop functions in anyway



You can track the Laptop even when it’s switched off. You can do this two ways; One is by relying on the laptop’s internal battery which is normally active even when the power is low or Two you can incorporate an extra battery for the tracker to keep it alive even when the internal power of the laptop is off. This battery self recharges every time when the laptop is on by default.



You can use the Blackbox’s Wi-Fi for internet connectivity saving you cost on buying modems. The Wi-Fi can connect to unlimited number of devices around your laptop making it even extra cool and saving you time on networking multiple devices via Wi-Fi



The hardware is affordable to buy. NO ANNUAL OR MONTHLY COST FOR TRACKING**

on the SMS platform. You also get to choose which mobile subscriber's airtime and data plan works for you.

We Guarantee You


  • 24/7 Technical Advice
  • Quality Assurance
  • 95%+ Recovery Rate


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